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 Striving to reallocate medical-grade PPE to   Hawaii's medical personnel on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, while   encouraging widespread community mask use   as a way to "flatten the curve" by providing   reusable mask alternatives. 


*Need a mask or have PPE to donate to the frontline?*     MASKOUT with us on 5/2/20   


This is a Universal Mask Campaign and PPE Drive encouraging everyone to don DIY masks while prioritizing medical-grade masks and other PPE for Hawaii's medical personnel on the frontline. 

Much like a "blackout" in BINGO, let's beat COVID-19 by covering every face with a mask!

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Up to 80% of Coronavirus cases are asymptomatic

This means you may have or get COVID-19 and unknowingly spread it to those who may not be so lucky.

There is mounting evidence indicating that even basic masks can be effective in reducing viral transmission. 

Masks are NOT just for symptomatic cases.  Masks are for everyone.

#MASKOUT to protect yourself.  #MASKOUT to protect others.



DONATE your medical grade PPE to Hawaii's medical personnel on the frontline

EXCHANGE for DIY, reusable masks 

DISSEMINATE our DIY, reusable masks to your ohana and friends

PPE Shortage in Hawaii 

As Hawaii braces for a COVID-19 surge, we also face a severe shortage of PPE. 


Please prioritize and donate your medical-grade PPE to those on the frontline who are in real and imminent danger of getting infected. 

#MASKOUT with DIY masks

YOU can #flattenthecurve

Flattening the curve begins will all of us.  Wear a DIY mask to reduce viral transmission, wash your hands frequently using proper hand-washing technique, social distance, and abide by stay-at-home orders. 

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